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About us

Agora Princess Margaret International School is a private international school, founded in 1967, located in the Horta-Guinardó district of Barcelona. Agora Princess Margaret International School is an IB (International Baccalaureate) school. We form part of the group of schools recognised worldwide for the International Baccalaureate. It was the first school in the city of Barcelona to obtain official certification for the PYP and MYP programmes of the International Baccalaureate.

Agora Princess Margaret International School was founded in 1967 as an English school at a time when French was the main language studied in schools. Thus began its almost 60 year history, pioneering the linguistic model.

Agora Princess Margaret International School is a leading international school in Barcelona, proud of its roots and integrated into the unique Barcelona neighbourhood. With a creative and proactive spirit which means that what defines us is not only what we are, but also what we want to be. Our approach allows us to offer individualised, familiar and accessible attention to our students, understanding their needs and personalising their education. We create optimal close environments for intensive, participative and transdisciplinary learning.

Its international character is, fundamentally, due to its truly multilingual education, which offers English, Catalan, and Spanish as working languages, besides offering Chinese and French as an extra curricular activity. The exchanges the school promotes, the journeys abroad and the participation in international events and activities ensure the school has an unmistakably international nature. It must be pointed out that the school is part of the prestigious Globeducate, which has over 60 schools in 12 countries and 4 continents, making it very easy for them to take part in a very extensive academic and cultural offer.

Our methodology

IB World Schools share a common philosophy: a commitment to rigorous, quality international education that we believe is critical to the development of our students.

The IB is an innovative and international method that requires continuous training of the teaching staff, with clear and tangible results of success. We were the first school in Barcelona to obtain official certification for the PYP (Primary Years Programme), which covers the Infant and Primary stages, where we obtained 5 special mentions, 3 of which highlight the excellent cohesion of the whole school team and also the MYP (Middle Years Programme) which covers the ESO stage. Belonging to the IB is a source of pride and responsibility. This innovative programme requires the effort and cohesion of the entire teaching team.

The aim of the IB programmes is to make the student the centre of learning and to work with the objective of discovering the talents that each student has, in addition, they are motivated to achieve a constant, open, ethical and enthusiastic investigation of learning and new knowledge. We seek their academic and personal growth. The student is the protagonist of their learning. 

Families, Pupils, Teachers and Alumni


At Agora Princess Margaret International School, we understand that the family is an essential component in the educational journey of our students. Our philosophy focuses on fostering communication to build an atmosphere of trust, strengthening ties in a close, personalised way, adapted to the individual needs of each student and their family.

The family-school relationship is basic to make possible the great principle of trust, essential between one and the other. We focus on education in the academic field, on developing people so that they can be part of the world, without forgetting the values we want to transmit. We ensure that the pupils have responsible freedom, accepting and assuming their responsibilities and the consequences of their actions. They are capable of analysing what happens around them, and learn to have self-control and self-discipline. The school and the family are aligned on one common priority: the pupil’s all-round development.

Agora International School’s objective is to develop a harmonious bond, whereby the families are aware of every decision which involves the pupils, and at the same time gain an in-depth understanding of all the ins-and-outs of the school.

We promote the development of critical thinking so that they are able to analyse their environment and we encourage creativity and imagination as fundamental life skills. At Agora Princess Margaret International School, we work together with families to prepare our pupils for a successful future and a positive contribution to society.


A school is its students. Therefore, it is essential that they feel comfortable, that the aims of the school become their own, and that taking part in the school’s development develop into their own. In order to do so, they need to be able to have access to appropriate channels for their own participation and have the school’s support.

Our pupils are in an environment where importance is placed on being international and multilingual, which enables them to learn different languages and values and opens their minds to tolerance and respect. 

Our aim is that the pupils feel proud of being part of Agora Princess Margaret International School.


At Agora Princess Margaret International School we speak of educators rather than teachers. heir main role is to educate in motivation: stimulating students and helping them to form the habits and attitudes which prepare them for life. The educator has to be able to deliver their experience and adapt their own teaching to each student’s individuality, starting from prior knowledge (children know much more than we think they do) and prioritising each student’s prominence in their own learning.

The work of the educators is more than just a job: It is a vocation.


A school is constituted by experiences that create ever-lasting memories, and during schooling years students go through the greatest experiences in their lives, which will remain in our memory forever. These life experiences will bring us into how we had dreamed, or even better yet. Have you ever imagined you'd become who you are today?

The former pupils of Agora Princess Margaret International School are part of our community, and we actively value them, as they have been part of and contributed to the development of our educational project.

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